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Friday / February 21.
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Uber Is Now Doing Submarine Trips To The Great Barrier Reef

Uber – arguably the most convenient taxi app – is expanding its network to include the depths of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

‘scUber’ is the world’s first ride-sharing submarine service offering a trip around world’s largest coral reef system.

It’s certainly a unique way to experience one of the seven wonders of the world.

Take a look at the five-star ride:

Lucky passengers will travel the journey of lifetime via a two-seater submersible named ‘Barry’, all accessed by way of the app, INSIDER reports.

Despite being underwater, scUber will work somewhat similarly to a typical Uber service and passengers can even rate their driver.

Although there’s no word whether they’ll allow you to play your tunes over Bluetooth.

Queensland-based riders will have to input their destination address as the Great Barrier Reef, before being picked up by helicopter and dropped to Barry’s departure point.

Uber Is Now Doing Submarine Trips To The Great Barrier Reef

Before boarding, scUber will need to know more than just your whereabouts.

Ahead of the trip, an operator will call to ask your weight – as well as confirm you hadn’t accidentally booked a trip to the depths of the reef.

Unsurprisingly, the hour-long journey is far from cheap.

A trip around the Great Barrier Reef will set customers back $2,060 USD for two people (including helicopter drop-off).

So you really don’t want to be cancelling a ride just as Barry’s coming around the corner.

Uber has rented the Barry submarine and its crew for around four weeks in partnership with Tourism & Events Queensland, promising to ‘match every fare with a donation to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef’.

The charity works to protect the reef from ‘climate change, coral bleaching and over-tourism’.

scUber has limited availability and will only be available until June 18.

It’s hard to say where Uber could next take its service. Maybe hitch a ride up Everest?

Source: Unilad


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