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Friday / February 21.
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Karnak Temple: The world’s largest open-air museum

Around travel blogger in the world being attracted by a museum in Egypt. The place has  beautiful architecture, ancient act. It’s Karnak Temple where there are comparable to the great Giza pyramid in size and grandeur.

Karnak Temple is the temple of the sun god Amun-Ree. The temple is located to the east of the Nile, built from 1580 to 1160 BC by about 30 Pharaohs in succession. This is considered a place of worship for Pharaoh kings for nearly 2,000 years. This is the largest of the precincts of the temple complex, and is dedicated to Amun-Re, the chief deity of the Theban Triad. There are several colossal statues including the figure of Pinedjem I which is 10.5 meters tall. The sandstone for this temple, including all the columns, was transported from Gebel Silsila 100 miles (161 km) south on the Nile river. It also has one of the largest obelisks, weighing 328 tonnes and standing 29 meters tall.

For many years now, this place is a must-see check-in point of travel bloggers. Just go to Instagram and search for the keyword “Karnak, Egypt”, you will be overwhelmed by the thousands of photos of young people in this majestic background. If you intend to visit Egypt a day soon, remember to record the Temple of Karnak immediately in the list of certain places to go!

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