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Thursday / January 23.
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Facebook, WhatsApp will probably have to provide data to UK police

Facebook and its messaging tool WhatsApp will have to give UK police access to users’ encrypted messages under an upcoming treaty with the US, says a Saturday report by Bloomberg, which cites a confidential source.

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The agreement, including other U.S.-based social media platforms, will have to share data related to investigating serious crimes, such as terrorism and pedophilia.

Under the agreement, expected to be completed by October, the US and UK will not investigate each other’s citizens and information obtained from British companies cannot be used by the United States in cases where the penalty area comes to the death penalty.

In recent years, law enforcement officials in both countries have argued that unencrypted encrypted data provide cover for criminals. Police say that “backdoor,” or secret access technologies, should be built into systems so that law enforcement personnel can conduct investigations.

However, critics worry this may be abused to monitor people and say such “back doors” will also be discovered and used by hackers.

In October, Australia passed a law requiring technology companies to help law enforcement agencies gain access to the encrypted communications of suspected criminals, and this is the first law. in the world for this.

Source: Cnet

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