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Wednesday / February 19.
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4 skin care steps of “beauty goddess Kpop”

Yoona (SNSD) is about to reach the age of 30 and still has a youthful, pinky, white skin. Let’s “check” skin care steps to have a skin like Yoona. You did it right?

1/ 2 times a day clean, do not forget to discharge the skin

Yoona officially stepped into the entertainment industry at the age of 17 and since then, makeup is something she has to stick almost every day. Therefore, Yoona is always aware of the importance of skin cleansing twice with makeup remover and cleanser. On the days when Yoona feels that her skin needs to be poisoned, deep cleansing the pores, she will use a mask with the main ingredient of mountain ash

2/ Moisturizing

At U30, Yoona attaches great importance to moisturizing the skin every day. And that hard-line view of “beauty goddess K-pop” cannot be more rational because after all, it’s hard for you to have strong, healthy skin if you don’t moisturize pro

3/ Products that contain antioxidants in the skincare process

Entering the age of 30, her sister’s skin really faces a challenge called: aging; and in addition to sunscreen, you can absolutely follow Yoona, in addition to the skincare product that contains antioxidants for long-lasting healthy and beautiful skin.

4/ Acne treatment products

help skin heal faster, no scarring and darkening

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